1) Features

①Strong absorption , absorb and deactivate heavy metal and pesticide residue, purify soil environment.

②Improve moisture and fertility holding, increase soil aeration, raise soil buffering capability.

③Lock-up nutrients, reduce nutrient loss, improve fertilizer efficiency.

④Provide favorable environment for microorganism, improve soil condition.

2) Technical Specification

Carbon:≥75%  Ash:≤4.5%

3) Scope

Soil amendment, increase soil aeration, moisture and fertility holding, absorb heavy metal in soil.

4) Usage

For heavy metal pollution soil amendment,4500kg/ha.

For pot culture and seedling growing.

Compound with fertilizer, as raw material for organic fertilizer, soil conditioner etc.

5) Notes

Store in cool and dry, well-ventilated place.

6) Shape: Powder/Granule