1) Features:

High nitrogen formulation meets demand for nutrients at the beginning of growth stage of crops.


This 100% water soluble fertiliser combined with high performance of carbon energy and trace elements to enhance absorption of nutrients, produce new tissues and promote crop growth.

 2) Technical specification

3) Scope

       Vegetables, fruit crops, flowers, grassland, field crops etc

4) Usage

For fertigation and water flush: 75-150 kg/ha

Foliar application: 1:1000 dilution

5) Notes

Can mix with many pesticides, but do not mix with copper pesticide, sulfur pesticide, machine oil emulsion and strongly alkaline pesticides

Apply in the morning or evening, do not apply in strong sunshine and high temperature

Store in cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight, handle with care to avoid breakage


Shape: Powder     Packing: 9kg/bag