About Us

  • Wenfu Chen

    Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, professor and doctoral supervisor of Shenyang Agricultural University, director of the Rice Research Office, director of the Key Open Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture, director of the Key Laboratory of Liaoning Province,Leader of national key disciplines, founder of China Biochar Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, national advanced worker, enjoys special allowance from the State Council.

  • Hailong Wang

    Doctoral supervisor of Massey University in New Zealand, leader of environmental science and engineering at Foshan Institute of Science and Technology, expert of the International Biochar Initiative (IBI) Advisory Committee, director of China Biochar Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, director of Guangdong Biochar Engineering Technology Research Center, Chairman of Guangdong Biochar Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, Researcher of Forestry Research Institute of Royal New Zealand Research Institute.

  • Xiaori Han

    Professor and dean of the School of Land and Environment, Shenyang Agricultural University, doctoral supervisor, and leader of the plant nutrition discipline. Concurrently serves as a director of the Chinese Society of Plant Nutrition and Fertilizers, a member of the Soil and Plant Nutrition Professional Committee of the Chinese Soil Society, director of Soil Society of Liaoning Province, editorial board member of Journal of Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer, editorial board member of Journal of Shenyang Agricultural University, etc.

  • Jun Meng

    Professor of Shenyang Agricultural University, Executive Deputy Director of National Biochar Engineering Technology Research Center, mainly engaged in research on the application of biochar in agriculture, including the preparation process of biochar and its physical and chemical properties, the response of crops to biochar, the comprehensive effect of biochar on soil, and the remediation of cadmium-contaminated soil, etc.

  • Weiguang Lv

    PhD, researcher. Director of Eco-Environmental Protection Institute of Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Director of Shanghai Agricultural Environmental Protection Monitoring Station, Director of Plant Nutrition Research Office of Shanghai Key Laboratory of Facility Horticulture Technology, Director of Soil Society of China, Vice-Chairman of Shanghai Soil and Fertilizer Society .

  • Sheng Zhou

    PhD, researcher. In 2012, introduced by the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences as a top-notch talent. Awarded the title of Distinguished Expert of Shanghai's "Thousand Talents Program" and the title of "Binhai Sage" Leading Talent in Fengxian District. Concurrently serves as director of Shanghai Soil and Fertilizer Society.

  • Liushanliang

    Mr Liushanliang, graduated from Sichuan Agricultural University , with Master degree, is the technical executive in SEEK. He is responsible for the research and development of new product as well as its application. He is also a member of government agriculture and environment project .