About Us

Seek Bio-Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as SEEK) was founded by Jason Pu and several Agronomy PhD’s from China and oversea. SEEK has setup two factories in Zhejiang and Jiangsu Province, with headquarters in Shanghai. 

SEEK product development relies on an international team with R&D members from Japan, Australia, Taiwan, CAU (China Agricultural University) and NJAU (Nanjing Agricultural University). All the product formulations are based on the latest information on soil biology and plant nutrition. 

They are tested on SEEK’s experimental plots, located in Sunqiao, Shanghai, before going into the global market. Our range of products now includes water soluble fertilizer, bamboo biochar based organic fertilizers, liquid fertilizer s etc.

 SEEK has targeted the global markets from its inception and the products have gained popularity from the markets of China, Japan, Australia, UK, American, France, South Africa, Brazil and Turkey. In the future, SEEK will continue to be dedicated to the reasonable development and application of ecological resources, making contribution to the global sustainability of agricultural development on the basis of modern science and technology.