Benefits of Biochar

Biochar is solid carbon material produced through pyrolysis processes by thermal conversion of biomass in the absence of oxygen, with high porous and adsorption capacity, which can: 

* Improve soil conditions especially for harden soil, acid soil and polluted soil by positively enhancing soil physical, chemical and biological capacities. 

* Purify the soil by adsorbing and passivating residues of pesticides and heavy metals in the soil like activated carbon.

* Increase retention of water and nutrients due to the highly micro-porous structure and water holding capacity. 

* Improve fertilizer efficiency by retaining more nutrients in root zone, increasing cationic exchange capacity, reducing nutrients leach down and run off. 

* Promote biological activities by providing positive environment to increase microbial population and protect microbe against stressors. 

* The function of bio-stimulus due to those compound organic carbon substances (Carbon Power) extracted from biochar, which lead to promote root growth, enhance uptake and translocation of key nutrients, improve photosynthetic rates, strengthen stress resistance, etc.