1) Features

①Beneficial micro-organism reproduce around the roots, inhibit pests and disease, improve the growth of root, stem and leaf.

②Improve soil structure, promote moisture and fertility holding, increase soil aeration.

③Promote root absorption for nutrients, sufficiently meet crop requirement for nutrients.

④Fix nitrogen and solubilize phosphorus and potassium in the soil, improve efficiency of the fertilizer, reduce the usage of chemical fertilizer.

⑤Combination of organic, inorganic and microbe , increase crop yield, improve quality.

2) Technical Specification

Micro-organism:20million/g  Organic matter:≥20%  N+P2O5+K2O:≥25%(13-5-7)Humic acid:≥10% Moisture:≤30%   

3) Scope

Vegetables, fruit crops, flowers, grassland, field crops etc.

4) Usage

Base fertilizer or topdressing.Vegetables:900-1200kg/ha ,fruit tree 1500-3000kg/ha,

Field crops:750-1200kg/ha.

Furrow application, hole application, broadcast application. Cover soil immediately after application. Application amount varies with soil fertility and crop type.

5) Notes

Store in cool, dry, well-ventilated place.

Do not use together with bactericide and Strong alkaline pesticide.

6) Shape: Granule