SEEK @ The 4th IBI International Biochar Congress

SEEK participates in the seminar about “The 4th IBI International Biochar Congress ” in Beijing

 In 2012,SEEK participates in the seminar about “The 4th IBI International Biochar Congress ” in Beijing , which totally reflects the latest achievements of research and development of world biomass charcoal . Doctor Lehmann from Cornell University,who is the chariman of IBI Association will attend this conference and give paper about “biomass carbon characteristics and soil process” invited by conference .

 James Amonette is senior scientist in the Northwest Nations National laboratary about US department of energy , as well as the leading author of “Nature” , who will give a report about “biomass carbon and response to global climate changes” invited by the conference.

 The main inventor of fast pyrolysis technology , Doctor Christian Roy ,who is the professor of department of chemistry and engineering in Laval University in Canada will give the paper” biomass pyrolysis technology and future prospects on equipment ” invited by the conference.

 The chairman of organizing committee of The 4th IBI International Biochar Congress , Lin Qimei professor from Agricutual University in China will give a report “biomass carbon and improvement of Chinese low production soil” invited by the conference.

 This conference has five themes , namely, Biomass carbon manufacturing and characteristics,Biomass carbon and the growth of plants,Biomass carbon and soil restoration process,Biomass carbon and climate change,Biomass carbon and environmental quality, then, more than 100 foreign scholars and more than 100 domestic scholars will be present .

 Vice general of Shike Co. ,Pu Jiajun as well as R&D member Li Shiguo participate the conference with company team . They discuss the development vision of biochar with chairman of ITT Association , together with Doctor Lehmann from Cornell University in America and domestic biochar experts .